Welcome to SilverDreamer online store.We produce a large range of silver jewelry in China and supply many markets all over the world. you can buy excellent quality silver jewelry at reasonable price at our shop.

Why choose from us?

1.High Quality With Low Price

We are located at a place called China Silver Jewelry City which produce most silver jewelry that selling in china and may be in the world. we have decades of experience in manufacturing silver jewelry,the combination of traditional Chinese manufacturing technology and modern manufacturing technology is our specialty.so order on our website,you will get top class quality silver jewelry in the world.and as you can see,our price is quite low.


2.Safe Shipping

Shipping is insured and trackable online. We offer shipping insurance to protect your package against any lost or damaged shipments.Any missing issues reported, we will reship your order immediately for free.


3.Many Choices About Design 

We have classic design silver jewelry that even your grandma will buy,besides,our fashion design sterling silver jewelry will keep you on the cutting edge of fashion,and when we combining traditional Chinese design with modern design,some products are unique and amazing.


4.Contact Info

Sales Manager:Allen Wu

Email: sales@silverdreamer.com   

Phone: (86)13959599932

Mailing Address:Building 5, Zhengding Sunrise Community, Chengxiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province,China 351100